Hayek on health insurance

It may, however, surprise some of Hayek’s new followers to learn that “The Constitution of Liberty” argues that the government may need to provide health insurance and even make it compulsory.

Francis Fukuyama, “Friedrich A. Hayek, Big-Government Skeptic“, New York Times Sunday Book Review, 8 May 2011.

Fukuyama mentions only conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck, Tea Partiers and “other conservatives” as “Hayek’s new followers”, but many libertarians are followers of Hayek, so may be just as surprised. Libertarians should note also that Hayek, in an appendix to his book, titled “Why I am not a conservative”, had unkind words for conservatives and libertarians. Hayek identified himself as a classical liberal, lamenting that the term “liberal”, in the United States at least, had come to mean something very different.

Political scientist Francis Fukuyama (b. 1952) is reviewing a new edition of Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty, a book first published in 1960.

HT Bill Easterly.

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