David Cameron’s legacy

Professor Vernon Bogdanor predicts the legacy of his former student, Britain’s outgoing prime minister.

A political leader should be judged less as a legislator than as an educator. Tony Benn once ruefully commented that, even if one repealed every legislative act of Thatcher’s 13 years in power, her legacy as a teacher would remain.

Mr Cameron’s will be as a teacher of a generous and civilised Conservatism, which attracted the support of centre and centre-left voters. It was these voters who last year gave the Conservatives their first overall majority since 1992. It is a legacy which Mrs [Theresa] May, judging from her speech on Monday, with its emphasis on a socially responsible Conservatism, seems determined to continue.

Vernon Bogdanor, “David Cameron’s legacy will go deeper than the Europe question“, Financial Times,14 July 2016 (metered paywall).

Vernon Bogdanor (born 1943) is professor of government at King’s College, London, and author of The New British Constitution (Hart Publishing, 2009). He is also Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford.

Years ago Professor Bogdanor described Mr Cameron as “one of the ablest” students he has taught, with “moderate and sensible Conservative” political views.

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