the PM meets the Queen

FT journalists have set up a live blog to cover the transition of the office of UK prime minister from David Cameron to Theresa May.

I found the following post, by John Murray Brown, especially interesting.

Professor Robert Hazell has been explaining that other British constitutional convention – the prime minister’s weekly audience with the Queen.

The head of the constitution unit at University College London told BBC:

All prime ministers without disclosing any of the confidences of their weekly audience have said how useful it is to them, to be able once a week to go and chat for an hour or so with the Queen.

And I think they’re completely sincere when they say how useful it is because remember with all their colleagues they’re amongst political rivals, whereas with the Queen they can be completely open,they can be completely confident that anything they say will not go any further because no notes are taken. They know she is a very very experienced, now elder statesman and therefore someone to whom it is very useful to talk things through, and occasionally to seek her counsel and her advice.

FT journalists, “Theresa May becomes PM – Live“,, 13 July 2016 (free registration required).

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