the hazard of accented speech

The Financial Times invites Eddie Jones, hero to millions of Japanese rugby fans, for Sunday lunch in Tokyo.

The 56-year-old, who is half-Japanese and spent large parts of his career in Japan, is fresh from a triumphant tour of Australia. ….

[Without opening the menu, he orders] buttered scallops and a Cobb salad with no bacon. The waitress misses that last part. “Bacon nashi,” he says, using what he calls “rough, rugby Japanese”. His wife, a linguist and a Japanese national, has banned him from speaking this pidgin language at home, fearing that it will pollute their daughter’s Japanese and, worse, confuse the dog.

Leo Lewis, “Lunch with the FT: Eddie Jones“, Financial Times, 16 July 2016 (metered paywall).

Eddie Jones (born 1960 in Tasmania) is currently head coach of the England national rugby union team. He previously coached the Australian national and Japanese national teams.


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