Roger Stone on Hillary Clinton

Edward Luce, US columnist and commentator for the FT, interviews Donald Trump’s confidant and former campaign manager, Roger Stone.

What about Hillary Clinton, I ask? What happens if she beats Trump? Stone’s words spill out even faster than before. At one point, he sounds so strident that half the restaurant turns to see what the fuss is about. “If she wins, we’re done as a nation,” Stone shoots back. “We’ll be overrun by hordes of young Muslims, like Germany and France, raping, killing, violating, desecrating. You can see that. It’s happening there.” Stone is so enraptured by his dystopian nightmare, he appears not to notice that everyone can hear him. “If Hillary wins, there will be widespread unrest, civil disobedience, badly divided government in which half the country believes she, her daughter, and her husband belong in prison. There’ll be no goodwill. No honeymoon. There will be systematic inspection of all of her actions because someone who has been a crook in the past will be a crook in the future. It will be sad. I’ll probably be forced to move to Costa Rica. [Emphasis added.]

Edward Luce, “Lunch with the FT: Roger Stone“, Financial Times, 27 August 2016 (metered paywall).

Roger Stone resigned from Trump’s campaign last year, but apparently remains close to the candidate. He personally recommended Paul Manafort as his replacement. Manfort was recently replaced with Steven Bannon, the far-right conservative journalist, who was also recommended by Roger Stone.

There is much more in the full interview, including bits about “Stone’s political hero, Nixon, whose jutting visage is tattooed on his back”. In Luce’s words,

Stone was a self-described “dirty trickster” for Richard Nixon’s infamous Creep (Committee to Re-elect the President), a campaign that culminated in the Watergate scandal. Alongside his life as a Washington lobbyist in the 1980s and 1990s, Stone has been engaged in political skulduggery ever since. Among his books are Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family (2016), The Clintons’ War on Women (2015) and The Man who Killed Kennedy: the Case Against LBJ (2013).

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