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Here is the cartoon published on the editorial page of today’s weekend edition of The Globe and Mail. It is not yet available online. I am able to show it to you thanks to the miracle of modern technology: a built-in camera on my mobile phone, and transfer of the photo to my computer over the internet. Click on the image for a better view of the cartoon.

The cartoon reflects the shock of Canadians who learned this week that a young offender has been held in solitary confinement continuously for nearly four years. This is torture. No-one in a civilised country should be subjected to torture, with or without trial, regardless of the crime that he or she may have committed.


Below is some information on the case, copied and pasted from a front-page article in yesterday’s Globe and Mail. For details, click on the link below. How many Adam Capays are in solitary confinement in Canada’s jails and prisons, out of sight and out of mind? No-one knows, but with this publicity, hopefully the conditions of their confinement will become less harsh.

The upper echelons of the Ontario government knew about the plight of a young inmate long held in solitary confinement at Thunder Bay Jail for at least nine months before taking action this week. ….

Mr. [Adam] Capay is the young aboriginal prisoner who has languished for upward of four years in solitary confinement awaiting trial for a crime he allegedly committed when he was 19. The circumstances of his incarceration – an acrylic-glass-encased cell bathed in 24-hour artificial light – only came to light last week after the chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission spoke publicly about her first-hand encounter with Mr. Capay.

On Thursday, the current minister in charge of corrections, David Orazietti, vowed to do better for the inmate, saying he will remain in the new cell he’s been moved to – in solitary, but with access to a day room including a television and a shower – indefinitely.

Patrick White and Adrian Morrow, “Ontario knew about Capay’s solitary confinement plight for months“, The Globe and Mail, 28 October 2016.


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