the season of tax returns

In Canada and the USA we are approaching the deadline for filing 2016 income tax returns. This is a task disliked by all of us. Why does it have to be so painful?

An economics professor came up with an idea to make filing tax returns easy and painless. Taxpayers loved it, yet he was unable to get anyone in the California state government, or the federal government, to put his plan into action. Why? Because there was a strong lobby against it, financed by those who make a living preparing tax returns (or sell software to do this), and conservative Republicans who want to keep payment of taxes as painful as possible.

Sound unbelievable? This is a true story, from one of my favourite podcast series. (It is not fake news!) Click on the link below to download or listen to the latest weekly podcast (#760) from Planet Money. It is 23 minutes of time well spent.

#760: Tax Hero, Planet Money, 22 March 2017.

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