the reinvention of Donald Trump

Donald Trump “has quickly adopted the stance of the Washington insider”. His incredible speed astonishes English journalist Edward Luce.

Barely 4 per cent of Washington’s residents voted for Donald Trump last November — the lowest share in the country. If the election were held in the US capital again today, it is a fair bet Mr Trump would clear double digits.

Washingtonians are still puzzling at the speed with which the man who promised to “drain the swamp” has come to bask in its approval. In the past 10 days, Mr Trump has belied many of the city’s worst fears. Having promised to launch a trade war with China, Mr Trump is rapidly abandoning his protectionist rhetoric. Likewise, having vowed to avoid foreign wars, he has acquired a sudden taste for Levantine missile launches. And having dismissed Nato as obsolete, Mr Trump is now singing the alliance’s praises.

… Mr Trump is breaking all records for breaking campaign promises — and all within his first hundred days. It is tempting to conclude Mr Trump is pulling off the biggest bait and switch in electoral history.

Edward Luce, “The astonishing reinvention of Donald Trump“, Financial Times, 14 April 2017 (gated paywall).

Mr Luce (born 1968) is the Washington-based columnist and commentator for the Financial Times. In the full column, Luce notes that Mr Trump’s popularity is low and falling in the rest of the country, outside Washington.

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