Trump’s tax returns

[W]hatever Donald Trump is hiding in his tax returns must be really explosive. Otherwise, why won’t he release them? ….

And yet he won’t. Why on Earth not? It makes no sense, zero, unless:

A. The man is a total fool; or

B. The actual returns contain information so damaging that he dare not release them under any circumstance.

And whatever else Donald Trump may be, I do not think he is a total fool.

Brett Arends, “What Trump is hiding in his tax returns must be explosive“, Market Watch, 13 May 2017.


With questions over Russia ties dominating the headlines again, the White House released a letter from the president’s lawyers, which said that their review of 10 years’ worth of Mr Trump’s tax returns showed no income from Russian sources, “with a few exceptions”.

Barney Jopson, Sam Fleming and Katrina Manson, “Defiant Trump courts Russia as calls for independent probe grow“, Financial Times, 13 May 2017 (metered paywall).

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