Donald Trump drowns out the opposition

It should be easy for Democrats to shine, given the incompetence of the current government of the United States. Unfortunately, Trump’s antics attract so much media attention that it is difficult for them to attract attention to proposals from the opposition.

American journalist Jacob Weisberg provides an example.

On July 24, Democratic congressional leaders travelled to small-town Virginia to unveil their “Better Deal” platform for next year’s midterm elections. Their painstakingly wrought plan was instantly drowned out by one of the president’s most sustained bouts of norm-bashing. That day, Mr Trump attacked his own attorney-general, Jeff Sessions, and delivered a boorish, inappropriate speech to an assembly of Boy Scouts. On July 25, Mr Trump called once again for a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. On July 26, he tweeted a ban on transgender people serving in the military. He then proceeded to defenestrate his chief of staff followed by his latest communications director.

Thus did the Better Deal give way to the Bigger Noise. That was unfortunate, because while the Democratic plan is somewhat thin on policy, it represents an important step toward what the party must do to compete effectively in 2018.

Jacob Weisberg, “Donald Trump drowns out Democrats’ populist pitch“, Financial Times, 3 August 2017 (gated paywall).

As the author notes, “the Democrats need a strong, national message that goes beyond ‘Dump Mr Trump’.” Jacob Weisberg (born 1964) is chairman of the Slate Group.


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