addition to my cv

Today I completed my facebook cv by adding the high school diploma I received in 1962. It is from Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. Although it is a modest public school, its wiki page contains a list of notable alumni. I did not make the cut. I recognize only three names of those listed: Dick Cavett, Ted Sorensen and Charles Starkweather.

I was at Lincoln High only two years (grades 10 and 12). During my freshman (grade 9) and junior (grade 11) years I lived in Newark, California, where I was bused daily to the very large Washington Union High School in Fremont. (The “Union” was dropped in 1961 after the opening of Logan High School in 1959, and two more high schools in 1961 to relieve overcrowding at Washington Union High.)

Notable alumni (Lincoln High School)

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  1. Larry says:

    I added my name in Wikipedia to the list of notables.