a dining room set for Ben Carson

US Republicans portray themselves as conservative, but in office they are not frugal, and show little concern with deficit spending that benefits them and the wealthy. Here is an example, from a department entrusted with the task of providing housing for low-income citizens.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development spent $31,000 on a custom hardwood table, chairs and hutch for Secretary Ben Carson’s office, records show.

The purchase in late 2017 came at the same time as plans to cut department programs for the homeless, elderly and poor. Mr. Carson “didn’t know the table had been purchased,” but does not intend to return it, a spokesman said.

On a tour of facilities for the poor last year, Mr. Carson warned of the effects of providing “a comfortable setting” for those on government assistance.

“Morning Briefing”, New York Times, received by email the morning of 28 February 2018. The briefings are archived at this link.

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