universal pensions in India?

Assam, a state in Northeast India with a population of more than 31 million, on October 2nd will launch universal pensions for residents 60 years of age or older.

In a welfare measure bound to find resonance among the population, the Assam cabinet has proposed a universal old age pension which would cover everyone above the age of 60 ….

Swarajya Staff, “Assam To Launch Universal Old Age Pension“, #SWARAJYA, 27 September 2018.

Mind the small print. Families of beneficiaries must possess a ration card for subsidized food and kerosene. Only the poor are legally entitled to ration cards. By extension, the new ‘universal’ pension in theory will target the poor. The outcome in practice will be different, as India’s rationing system is famously flawed and corrupt. Millions of poor families have no ration cards, while millions of non-poor families possess “ineligible and fraudulent ration cards“.

The promised ‘universal’ pension is 300 rupees (about US$4.14) a month.

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