economics as faith (1)

Some time ago – beginning in July 2007 – I circulated a number of thoughts on production functions to the Thought du Jour list. I have decided to recycle these thoughts, for two reasons. First, to bring them together and make them more accessible, with a single subject line. Second, to reach a larger audience via the blog. The posts might seem a bit wonkish, but none are difficult, I promise. The aggregate production function is the work horse of the economics profession. It is too important a concept to be accepted on faith.

We begin with a quote from Paul Samuelson, one of the most important economists of the twentieth century.

Until the laws of thermodynamics are repealed, I shall continue to relate outputs to inputs — i.e. To believe in production functions.

Paul A. Samuelson, Collected Scientific Papers, 1972, p.174.

I, alas, have lost my faith. Samuelson, we shall see, also lost his in later years.

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