the price of avocados in Mexico

From costing a couple of dollars per kilo earlier this year, avocados went on a constant price climb which appeared to know no end – rising all the way up to $5-6 per kilo. I heard of sightings of a kilo of avocados for more than $8.

In a country that takes its food seriously, this was a recipe for disaster. ….

In Mexico – where 40% of the world’s avocado crop is grown – this fruit is sacrosanct. In fact, Mexicans are estimated to eat up to 8kg of avocado each, every year. ….

[Mexicans had many explanations for the price rise. Some thought it was because drug cartels] are expanding into the business of extortion, and are targeting avocado growers. ….

Nonsense, [said others] …. The cause of the price increase is simply a bad harvest. ….

Carmen, our cleaning lady, had her own conspiracy theory. “I blame the gringos,” she told me. “Americans have taken a liking to guacamole, so all our avocados are heading north.” ….

But then, an epiphany. I was sitting in the back of a cab, silently hating Mexico City traffic, when an ad burst on to the radio – from a local supermarket, promoting a kilo of avocados for just over $2. Was it over?

At my local food market, I confirmed it. At most stands, avocados now are around $3 per kilo, and the prices still seem to be falling.

Julian Miglierini, “Mexico avocado price sparks fears of unrest“, BBC News, 10 September 2011.

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