governance in India

Agricultural economist Gautam Pingle explains why corruption is endemic in India’s civil service.

It is not so much that government salaries are inadequate to maintain life and family – relative to the average household income these are high and secure incomes with pensions attached – it is that in order to get such a job, the employee would have paid a large bribe, and even an additional one thereafter to get a “good’ posting (where he or she can make more in bribes). As such, bribery is seen by government employees in India as a (hidden) rate of return on forced investment.

Gautam Pingle, “Vicious circle of Indian corruption“, letter to the editor, Financial Times, 17 March 2012.

Dr Pingle is Director, Centre for Public Policy, Governance and Performance, Administrative Staff College of India. I note that both democratic India and authoritarian China suffer from rampant corruption. (See yesterday’s TdJ on “China’s model of development”.)



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