Chile’s pension reforms

HelpAge has posted a video of my 10-minute presentation on Chile’s pension reforms. This talk was ad-lib, in response to a question from the audience at Hong Kong’s Legislative Council last November, and does contain one error. The rural pension scheme I mention is for all of Mexico, not just Mexico City. Mexico City (the Federal District) is quite large, and contains districts classified as rural. Those elderly who live in the rural districts of Mexico City are thus entitled to two universal pensions: one from the federal government and another (more generous) pension from the local government.

NB: This clip is fast-streaming. HelpAge will also (I think) be posting my introductory remarks. When that happens, I will replace my previous link with theirs. I will inform TdJ readers of all clips that HelpAge posts from the 2-hour LegCo meeting. It was a lively meeting, and many short segments are of general interest.

HelpAge, “Chilean pension reform – Larry Willmore at the Legislative Council of Hong Kong“, Pension Watch, 5 September 2012.

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