social pensions in Sonora (Mexico)

The northwest state of Sonora has the smallest social pension in Mexico with the exception, of course, of numerous states who have no social pension at all. The programme, known as “CreSer con Adultos Mayores”, began in April of 2010. It consists of a cash benefit of one thousand pesos (78 US dollars), not per month, but per year, paid in equal biannual instalments of 500 pesos. Beneficiaries must be residents of Sonora, be at least 65 years old, not receive benefits from another government programme, and submit a detailed “socioeconomic study”. Sufficient funds are budgeted to finance 50,500 pensioners. Those in charge of the programme decide, within this budget constraint, who should be approved, giving preference to those suffering the greatest poverty.

The federal 70+ programme had 39,042 beneficiaries in Sonora at the end of 2011, 56,668 by mid-2012, and a goal of 112,761 by the end of 2012. Sonora’s social pension is morphing into a small, means-tested benefit for seniors aged 65 to 69 years.

An earlier programme, “Vamos con Ellos”, provided even smaller benefits, in the form of subsidies for consumption of electricity, propane or firewood. It operated continuously from 2004 until it was replaced two years ago by “CreSer con Adultos Mayores”. I ignore it in this study of social pensions not because its benefits were tiny, but because the benefits were given in kind rather than cash.

More information (in Spanish) is available at Sonora’s government site.

Ejecución del programa CreSer con Adultos Mayores:

Se ha trabajo en la depuración del padrón de beneficiarios del programa CreSer con Adultos Mayores. Al cierre del primer trimestre se han dado de baja a 1,261 beneficiarios que han fallecido.

Dado la ampliación de cobertura a zonas urbanas del programa federal 70 y Más, se está  orientado a los beneficiarios de CreSer con Adultos Mayores, de 70 o más años y que carecen de pensión para que se inscriban al programa federal. Una vez concluido el proceso de inscripción, lo cual está programado para el mes de mayo, se efectuará un cruce de padrones entre ambos programas para evitar la duplicidad de beneficiarios y se habrá de dar inicio a la inscripción de nuevos solicitantes de apoyos en CreSer con Adultos Mayores en el mes de julio conforme a lo establecido en las Reglas de Operación de dicho programa.

Gobierno de Sonora, Informe de Resultados Correspondiente al Primer Trimestre CreSer con Adultos Mayores, Enero-Abril 2012.

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