Clive Crook on Climategate

As one Climategate e-mailer noted, we do not understand why global warming has paused lately: the models cannot account for it. But this is not for public consumption. …. Just keep saying “flat-earthers” ….

Once scientists are engaged as advocates, science is in trouble. Like intelligence agencies fitting the facts to the policy, they are no longer to be trusted. The IPCC may be serving a righteous cause, but it is not the honest broker this process needs. It has made itself a political agency – at times, a propaganda unit. All this, the public can see.

For the sake of their own credibility, scientists should maintain a cautious distance from politics, and those who take up politics should not expect the deference to disinterested scholars they would otherwise deserve.

Clive Crook, “Trust the public on climate change”, Financial Times, 14 December 2009.

In other news, Paul Samuelson, a giant of 20th century economics, has died at age 94.

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