systems analysis

Harvard economist Lant Pritchett looks at failures of schooling from a systems perspective. In this passage he explains why there is little interest in systems analysis.

The appeal of agent-centered, human narrative explanations over systemic explanations is why no one–except perhaps you–is reading this book.

This is because nearly all our success as organisms is driven by understanding stuff and agents. Just as none of us really needs to understand quantum mechanics or general relativity to live our whole lives as successful, fulfilled, productive individuals, the number of times any of us needs to understand systems is vanishingly small. You can have a successful career without understanding systems. You can have a happy marriage without understanding systems …. You can raise lovely children without understanding systems.

Lant Pritchett, The Rebirth of Education: Schooling Ain’t Learning (Brookings Institution, 2013), pp. 142-143.

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