Cochrane on MOOCs

I often listen to Russ Roberts’ weekly podcast. It is precisely one hour-long, and I almost always learn something. Russ is a very civil – an excellent interviewer who respects alternative views. This week’s podcast examines the experience of a well-known Chicago economist who recently taught his very first MOOC (massive open online course). Download or listen to the podcast at the link below.

John Cochrane of the University of Chicago talks to EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the experience of teaching a massive open online course (MOOC)–a class delivered over the internet available to anyone around the world. Cochrane contrasts the mechanics of preparing the class, his perception of the advantages and disadvantages of a MOOC relative to a standard in-person classroom, and the potential for MOOCs to disrupt traditional education.

Cochrane on Education and MOOCs“, EconTalk Episode Hosted by Russ Roberts, 31 March 2014.

Eight follow-up questions (an EconTalk Extra by Amy Willis) are here.

Next Monday’s EconTalk features GMU economist Bryan Caplan on Education, Signaling, and Human Capital, a topic that also interests me.


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