Towards universal pension coverage in Mexico

HelpAge has published an 8-page briefing on social pensions in Mexico that is now available online.

Until recently, there was no social pension provision in Mexico; all pensions were earnings-related, financed with government subsidies and payroll taxes. Mexico introduced social pensions long after other Latin American countries, and for that reason had pension coverage of only 22 per cent as late as 2000. Just 13 years later, 88 per cent of older people had pensions. Nearly all of this remarkable increase in coverage was due to social pensions: non-contributory benefits, unrelated to employment records.

This briefing chronicles the rise of social pensions in Mexico. First, it summarises the pension system prior to the introduction of social pensions. Then, it describes how Mexico City, 17 of Mexico’s 31 states and the federal government initiated social pensions: a policy eventually supported by all three major political parties. It concludes with suggestions for improvements. [snip]

Continued at the link below:

Larry Willmore. Towards universal pension coverage in Mexico. Pension watch briefing no. 13, HelpAge International, May 2014.


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