Jeb Bush, pro-immigration candidate

Jeb Bush (born 1953) is actively campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination and seeks to distance himself from his brother, former President G W Bush. FT columnist Edward Luce reports live from Chicago, where Jeb Bush delivered his first foreign policy speech.

Jeb Bush knows George W Bush, he was raised with George W Bush and can safely declare that he is no George W Bush. ….

Their personalities could hardly be more different. …. George W happily wore his ignorance on his sleeve. Jeb Bush, on the other hand, is a fluent wonk. ….

If there is a Bush comparison to be made, it is with his father, George H W Bush, whose distaste for the campaign trail was ill disguised. Bush senior never claimed to be the type with whom the voter would want to have a beer. By that measure, Jeb is his father’s son. ….

By emphasising openness to immigration — unprompted and in some detail — Mr Bush made it clear he would not withdraw his welcoming mat to outsiders, even if that cost him votes among conservative voters. On a couple of occasions he even spoke in Spanish. George W once quipped: “Hell, I can barely speak English.” His younger brother, by contrast, seems happy to admit fluency in at least two languages. In that regard, also, Jeb Bush is clearly his own man. [Emphasis added.]

Edward Luce, “New Bush sweeps clean on foreign policy“, Financial Times, 19 February 2015.

Jeb Bush married Columba Garnica Gallo, a Mexican national, in 1974. He met his future wife in León, Mexico, where he was teaching English as a second language.

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2 Responses to “Jeb Bush, pro-immigration candidate”

  1. Andrew Biggs says:

    How does Jeb Bush being pro-immigration distance himself from G.W. Bush, who also was pro-immigration (and not just in a generic way, but in terms of his policies)?

  2. Andrew, Jeb and G W Bush clearly share pro-immigration views. Jeb wants to distance himself from his brother on other policies, though, e.g. the invasion of Iraq. I suggest that you read the full column.