Buiter is bullish on the US dollar

FT blogger Izabella Kaminska reports that Willem Buiter, Citi’s chief economist, voiced the following opinion at a meeting this morning in London.

The dollar is the only global reserve currency worth the name. The euro is in intensive care still, the yen is too small, sterling nobody has heard of, and the renminbi is not ready for prime time yet. The dollar, strangely enough, with the US economically being somewhat well over its peak, the dollar is more dominant today than I remember in a long time.

Willhem Buiter, as reported by Izabella Kaminska, “Buiter on soggy global growth in 2015“, FT Alphaville blog, 27 March 2015 (unmetered link – free registration required).

Willem Buiter, who was born in the Netherlands in 1949, has dual United States and United Kingdom citizenship. In his long, distinguished career, he taught economics at Princeton, LSE, Bristol, Yale and Cambridge. Until December 2009, he wrote an FT blog entitled “Maverecon“. The blog is no longer active but remains open as an archive.


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