history with age

I’m getting old. Not older, just old. ….

I’ve discovered history isn’t static and rarely leaves us. Many of my school history lessons were, in retrospect, bizarrely misleading and limited as school history lessons sometimes are. Travelling abroad and eventually just reading rather more varied history books allowed me to discover that, for example, history happened to foreigners and women, too. The past isn’t only white, only British, only flattering to Britain, or even concerned with Britain.

AL Kennedy, “A Point of View: How time passes differently as you get older“, BBC News Magazine, 5 June 2015.

Alison Louise “A. L.” Kennedy (born 1965) is a Scottish writer and stand-up comedian. She describes herself as old? To me, age 49 is quite young. No doubt, though, Ms Kennedy is mature beyond her years. Her latest publication is All the Rage (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014), a collection of short stories.


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