the consequence of blocking ads

Are you blocking those annoying pop-up ads that appear when you surf the internet? Providers who finance free sites by sale of advertising may soon have the ability to block access to content unless you disable the software that blocks ads. Be forewarned.

Digital advertising … is under attack from … software that enables viewers to block ads on their smartphones and computers ….

Bob Lord, president of AOL [America Online], believes the industry is heading into a “war of technology”. “Content is expensive to produce, so ultimately it is a consumer choice: do they want a subscription-based content model or an ad-supported model?” he says. “Technology will get to the point where those with an adblocker are not going to get free content.”

Matthew Garrahan, Hannah Kuchler and Robert Cookson, “Adblocking unleashes anxiety across the advertising industry“, Financial Times, 5 October 2015 (metered paywall).

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