the UK as a Christian country

Some days “letters to the editor” is the best section of the newspaper. Today is one of those days. This is a superb letter, from a reader in the UK.

David Cameron’s assertion that the UK is a Christian country is as fallacious as it is patronising. The 2011 census revealed that just 59.3 per cent of people in England and Wales identified themselves as being Christian. The same census showed 82 per cent of the population identifying themselves as being white. The prime minister would never dream of declaring this a white country, to do so would be to propound that non-whites can never really belong.

The assertion that the UK is a Christian country is similarly offensive to those of differing or no faith who may take the prime minister’s remark as an insinuation that Christianity is some prerequisite to Britishness.

David Robert Coombs, “Don’t be patronising to non-Christians“, Financial Times, 6 January 2016.


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